About us

Well Experienced Team of Professionals for Automation and Instrumentation products related to
Marine, Offshore and Industrial.

Serving for More Than 20 Years to Ship Owners, Power Plants, Refineries, Offshore Industries and
all Major Industrial Sectors.

A Symbol of Maritime and Industrial Heritage
The World's Leading Supplier to Maritime and Industrial sectors

We Source your Hard to Find or Obsolete Items

We Value the needs of Our Customers and Business Associates Beyond Anything Else,
and will do Everything Possible to Treat You in an Honest and Upfront Manner

EuroWorld Graviner specs vision-schaller jowa rivertraced daihatsu mmc green instruments qmi

Scope Of Supply

We offer Instrumentation & Automation Items and their Spare Parts

to Ship Owners, Power Plants, Refineries, Offshore Industries and all Major Industrial Sectors


continuously measures and checks the oil content of drainage.

Tank Gauging Tape/ UTI Tape

continuously measures and checks the oil content of drainage.


For Accurate Monitoring and Control in inert gas systems.

Temprature Controllers

measure the change of temperature and adjust the passage of heat energy to achieve desired average temperature


Automatic Temperature Indicating Transmitters


Measure The Pressure or Level of Industrial liquids and Gases


To Control Viscosity of Fuel Oil For Efficient Combustion


Monitor, Record and Control ballast Discharge

We provide Instrumentation & Automation for marine, Industrial, oil and gas Industries, sales and services support on board or on our site, we maintain a large inventory for complete systems, as well as spare parts also. More than Twenty-year experience, specialization, equipment of advanced technology and highly skilled technical staff can assure excellence in all aspects of our activities. The fully equipped and modern workshop of EuroWorld, can successfully meet all the needs and expectations of every customer. given the fact that we always aim at achieving the best quality, at the most competitive prices, we provide our services globally, 24 hours a day.

The High-Quality Services and Spare Parts are meet all The Standards. Since the foundation of our philosophy is the Constant Modernization, Through the Implementation of Modern Technological Developments in The Sectors of Shipbuilding and Ship Repairing.

Our values are the guiding principles that describe our corporate management model. The business principles of excellence, High Quality, Fast Service, Responsibility, Accountability, Consistency, Flexibility, Effectiveness, Innovation and Efficiency are of vital importance, in all aspects of the activities that constitute our operating culture.

Our Aim is to Satisfy Our Customers’ needs, Anywhere and Any Given Time In The World, providing high quality and High Standards Services. Every company in the maritime sector, all over the world, can contact EuroWorld. for Instrumentation and Automation services and Spare Parts so as to cover the needs of its fleet.

Our Vision can be Summarized in the desire of Our Company to Continue the Leader in The Sector of Instrumentation and Automation Services in The International Market, through the Implementation of New Technical Modernizations and The Formation of Value for all the cooperating parties.

Our Company, where can be found Our Offices, Engineering Workshop and Spare Parts Warehouse. Having Ultramodern Means and an Essential Equipment, we are able to Supply Spare Parts, As Well As Provide Integrated Services and Undertake Works related to Marine Instrumentation and Automation Items.

Our Experienced and Well-Trained Technical Staff repairs Complete Units and Spare Parts, of all types, in Our Instrumentation Lab which is Well Equipped with of the Latest Technology.

All the repairs that are Performed Always in Accordance with The Manufacturers’ Standard and are Attended by All the Necessary Test and Generate Test Reports.

EuroWorld. undertakes the repair complete unit of Oil Mist Detector, Temperature & Pressure Controller, Pressure Transmitter, Oxygen Analyser, as well as we offer for Repairing and Servicing of Spare Parts Also.

Our Company has a very large Well-Arranged Series of Spare Parts, for all types of Oil Mist Detector, Temperature & Pressure Controller, Pressure Transmitter, Oxygen Analyser, and is able to Respond Promptly to Every Demand for Spare Parts. Spare parts made by Various Manufacturers are Readily Available for Shipment, to any place in the world.

Our company continues to provide a 24-Hour Support-Service for Its Products and Services, even after the sale.

For Repair, Maintenance or Replacement of Spare Parts, the customer can ship them to Our Engineering Site Or, Alternatively, A Specialized Technician Can Offer Repair Services on Board.

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