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Graviner MK5 mark 5 Graviner mk5 Mark5 Oil Mist Detector is using for avoiding explosion onboard in the engine it is very important part of the oil mist detector. crank case omd Graviner Mark5 OMD Graviner Mark5 Crank Case Oil Mist Detector crank case Oil Mist Detector Graviner OMD Mark5 Marine & offshore industry recommend using Graviner Mark5 OMD. They recommend Graviner Oil Mist Detector Mk5 atmospheric Oil Mist Detector for safety of engine and crew onboard. While engine is running Graviner Mark5 OMD-Oil Mist Detector checking continuously any vapor or oil mist in the crankcase of engine. Atmospheric oil mist detectors is also very important to install in open space or in framo pump room, oil purifier room, high pressure pump room, engine room. Crankcase oil mist detectors for monitoring of oil mist in engine crankcase. MK5 MK 5Graviner Mark5 Oil Mist Detector can be installed with auxiliary engine, as well as with the main engine. Graviner Mark5 Oil Mist Detector can be installed in container ships, chemical vessel, oil tanker, bulk carrier and Graviner Mark5 atmospheric oil mist detector specs vision can be installed in engine room. Graviner Mk5 PCB 44728-130 Printed Circuit Board Graviner Mk5 Fan Assembly 44726-106 Graviner MK5 Pressure switch 45625-131 Graviner Mk5 Power Supply Select Card 39832-704 Graviner Mk5 Locating Spigot 23617-403 Graviner Mk5 Air Chamber 33813-402 Graviner Mk5 Lamp Holder 32777-402 Graviner Mk5 Window 31111-804 Graviner Mk5 Air Valve Assembly 45625-130 Graviner Mk5 Solenoid 27481-953 Graviner Mk5 Air Chamber O-Ring 25126-040 Graviner Mk5 Light Source Assembly 45626-120 Graviner Mk5 Photo-Cell Assembly 45626-112 Graviner Mk5 Air Regulator 24124-201 Graviner Mk5 Toroid 44211-115 Graviner Mk5 Washer M5 Plain 21173-008 Graviner Mk5 Washer M4 Plain 21173-007 Graviner Mk5 Buffer 38531-720 Graviner Mk5 Control Button Rubber 38511-738 Graviner Mk5 Washer M3 Plain 21173-006Graviner MK5 Photocell Housing 45626-122 Loom A Solenoid 44727-120 Loom B Power Supply 44727-121 Loom E Photo-Cell 44727-124 Microswitch 27483-101 Graviner Mark5 Oil Mist Detector Make: Kidde Graviner Colnbrook England Graviner Mk5 Part No: 53561-221 engine safety by using oil mist detector and Photo-cell assembly is a very useful spare part of the Graviner mk5 Graviner omd Mark5 Belgium the Netherlands Singapore United states of America Norway Sweden Riga Latvia Lithuania USA asia Europe middle east

Graviner Oil Mist Detector

The oil mist concentration in the crank case is continuously monitored by the detector, which displays the mist level and sounds an alarm if the concentration rises beyond a predetermined threshold due to bearing overheating or any other factor.

Kidde Graviner Oil Mist Detector

We Recommend you to use for Kidde Graviner Oil Mist Detectors for Diesel Engine/Monitoring and Protection of the entire Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engine against severe damage.

A Serious damage may take place in case the Engine leaves its Normal Operational Parameters or an Unexpected Situation Occurs.

Graviner Oil Mist Detectors safeguard large diesel, gas, and dual fuel engines in all applications from severe damage from oil mist explosions caused by bearings or other moving parts getting too hot.

The oil mist concentration in the crank case is continuously monitored by the detector, which displays the mist level and sounds an alarm if the concentration rises beyond a predetermined threshold due to bearing overheating or any other factor.

The Graviner Oil Mist Detector Prevents the Damage by Actual identification of Poor Quality of Operating media and Critical situations.

Oil Mist Detector keeps Continuously monitor the conditions inside the crankcase of an internal combustion engine and alerts the engineer if explosive vapors form there. This is a preventative measure to prevent an explosion in the crankcase. The oil mist detector serves as a safety alarm, assisting the crew in avoiding fires and safeguarding lives, the environment, and assets. The system measures the entire range of opacity, from zero percent to one hundred percent, and it is built to operate in harsh working conditions on board vessels.

A crankcase oil mist detector works by comparing a sample of clean air from an external source to a sample of the oil mist inside the crankcase. The photoelectric cell and a light source are used to measure the light’s intensity as it passes through the samples. The detector will sound an alarm and indicate which cylinder is affected in the event that the density of the oil mist reaches a predetermined threshold. The engineer will be notified by the alarm to act immediately to prevent an explosion of the crankcase.

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The Mark 4, Mark 5, Mark 6 and Mark 7 versions of the Kidde Graviner Oil Mist Detector. The most recent and newest model is the Mark 7, which can monitor up to 10 detector heads on up to 10 control units per control unit. It likewise has a touch screen show that shows the oil mist level for each engine and demonstrates the caution conditions.

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