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Salinometer and function of it

A salinometer is a device designed to measure the salinity, or dissolved salt content, of a solution.

Since the salinity affects both the electrical conductivity and the specific gravity of a solution, a salinometer often consist of an ec meter or hydrometer and some means of converting those readings to a salinity reading. A salinometer may be calibrated in either micromhos, a unit of electrical conductivity, (usually 0-22) or else directly calibrated for salt in ‘grains per gallon’ (0-0.5). A typical reading on-board ship would be 2 micromhos or 0.05 grains per gallon. A reading of twice this may trigger a warning light or alarm.

Fresh water generators (Evaporators) use salinometers on the distillate discharge in order to gauge the quality of the water. Water from the evaporator can be destined for potable water supplies, so salty water is not desirable for human consumption.

In some ships, extremely high-quality distillate is required for use in water-tube boilers, where salt water would be disastrous. In these ships, a salinometer is also installed on the feed system where it would alert the engineer to any salt contamination. The salinometer may switch the evaporator’s output from fresh-water to feed-water tanks automatically, depending on the water quality. The higher quality (lower salinity) is required for the boiler feedwater, not for drinking.

Function of salinometer

A salinometer generally works by passing an electric current through any known mass of water. Since salt water conducts electricity much more easily than pure water the salinity content of water can be easily calculated. … Infact this is the very principle which is used in a Salinometer.

The condensate or product, if of acceptable quality, is delivered to the appropriate tanks by the distilled water pump. Quality is continuously tested by the salinometer both at start up and during operation. If the device registers an excess of salinity it will dump the product and activate the alarm using its solenoid valves. The product is recirculated in some installations.

The electric salinometer

Pure distilled water may be considered a non-conductor of electricity. The addition of impurities such as salts in solution increases the conductivity of the water, and this can be measured. Since the conductivity of the water is, for low concentrations, related to the impurity content, a conductivity meter can be used to monitor the salinity of the water. The instrument can be calibrated in units of conductivity (micromhos) or directly in salinity units (older instruments in grains/gall, newer instruments in pprn or mg/litre) and it is on this basis that electric salinometers operate.

The probe type electrode cell is fitted into the pipeline from the evaporator, co-axially through a retractable valve which permits it to be withdrawn for examination and cleaning. The cell cannot be removed while the valve is open and consists of two stainless steel concentric electrodes having a temperature compensator located within the hollow inner electrode.

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