Specs Vision Oil Mist Detectors

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Specs Vision Oil Mist Detector

The SPECS Corporation is the top leading specialist in Korea in system integration for mechanical, electrical instrumentation of process industry. This system service includes design, installation, and quality sales servicing. Specs Vision Oil Mist Detectors developed in Specs Factory, which can accurately detect and activate alarms if there is oil mist in a marine engine crankcase or atmosphere in closed room condition.

Specs OMD and Other Product are suitable for Ship Building Industry, LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) Tank, Electronic Industry, Telecommunication Industry, Industrial Measuring Instruments.

We provide Sales & After Sales Support for Oil Mist Detectors produced by Specs Vision within a Shorter time. We also keep ready Spare Parts, so we can Deliver Immediately and these Spare Parts will come with Installation Guide, so the On-Board Crew can also change the Spare Parts and Start the Oil Mist Detector Immediately. This is a very Successful idea because in it, the Customer can save time and waiting for long time for technicians On-Board.