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High Quality Pressure Instruments Genuine Product from Original Maker High Quality Pressure Instruments Genuine Product from Original Maker High Quality Pressure Instruments Genuine Product from Original Maker


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Bailey & Mackey

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Bailey & Mackey Ltd
Manufacturing High Quality Instruments for Over 75 years

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General Industries and Cover Almost Pressure Sensing Application

Bailey & Mackey have been manufacturing high quality pressure instruments for over 75 years. The product range has been extended over this period and we now manufacture Pressure Switches, Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges and Pressure Transducers.

Expertise in pressure sensing technology enables to manufacture to the highest standard of quality and reliability. Our quality management system, which is approved by B. S. I. Quality assurance to BS EN 9001, ensures that all products have been correctly assembled and tested prior to dispatch to customers. Bailey & Mackey aims to lead its chosen sectors of the Pressure Switch, Pressure Gauge, Temperature Gauge and Pressure Transducer Industry through excellence in customer service and product quality.

BaileyMackey range of Pressure Switches is built to the high standards. BaileyMackey range of pressure transducers is designed for a wide variety of industrial applications. BaileyMackey Pressure Switch this series of pressure switches can be used for applications where an electrical circuit is required to close or open at required pressure. BaileyMackey pressure switches can be mounted directly on the connecting thread. BaileyMackey Pressure Switch measures pressure relative to atmospheric pressure and are divided into three main groups, each group being based on a different measuring principle. Baileymackey Diaphragm pressure switches can also be set to switch in vacuum

Baileymackey pressure switches pressure transducers pressure gauges. Baileymackey products are used for different industries. Baileymackey is available worldwide like The Netherlands Europe Singapore Japan Baileymackey also available at USA market like Newyork San Diego Los Angeles Russia China Indonesia Malaysia BaileyMackey Pressure Switches Diaphragm Switches Piston Switches Bourdon Tube Switches Series 1000 Pressure Switches Type 2381 2481 2581 Twin Circuit Pressure Switches Micro-switches Type 1391 1491 1591 Type 2391, 2491 & 2591 Twin Visual Setting Pressure Switches Pneumatic Pressure Switches Chemical Protection Types 1361 1561 Type 1461 Degreased for oxygen us Gold plated Micro-switches Low leak assembly For mining applications With plug & socket Overload Protection Option R & RF – Manual Reset Adjustable Hysteresis

Source & Supply of Product

  • Source & Supply Most Of The Well-Known Brands
  • Source From Only ISO Certified Maker & Suppliers
  • Deliver Material Worldwide Without Delay By Maintaining Inventory On Different Locations
  • Complete Systems & Spare Parts For Instrumentation, Automation & Control For Marine, Industrial Power Plants, Offshore Vessel, Wind Power, Oil & Gas, Petro-Chemical Industry
  • More Than 20 Years Serving To The Industry
  • EuroWorld Is A Supplier For Ship Owners And Ship Managers, Power Plants, Oil & Gas Industry
  • Offering Approved And Certified For Marine Use By Societies Like DNV, BV, GL , Rina, Lloyds Register, ABS Etc.
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