Type 1581 Pressure Switch baileymackey range of Pressure Switches is built to the high standards. Pressure Switch baileymackey. Pressure Switch baileymackey . BaileyMackey range of pressure transducers is designed for a wide variety of industrial applications. this series of pressure switches can be used for applications where an electrical circuit is required to close or open at required pressure. Type 1581 can be mounted directly on the connecting thread. Type 1581 baileymackey Pressure Switch measures pressure relative to atmospheric pressure and are divided into three main groups, each group being based on a different measuring principle. Baileymackey Diaphragm pressure switches can also be set to switch in vacuum

Type 1581 Pressure Switch

Type 1581 Pressure Switch can be used for all applications where an electrical circuit is required to close or open at a required pressure. The robustness of this series of pressure switches enables all applications in all industries to be satisfied.

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